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Lingerie should be associated with women's pleasure.

Lingerie is directly and very strongly related to a woman’s intimacy. In choosing to wear pretty and seductive underwear, women behave and carry themselves in a slightly egoistic and indeed narcissistic way. Furthermore, lingerie can help a woman feel good about her body, helping her thus to like and accept it, and in doing this, affirming a real sense of self-confidence. The reason behind it is simple. Surprisingly, although no-one can see our underwear, it contributes effectively in enhancing our silhouette and sometimes even shaping it to our personal preferences. All too often, lingerie has been treated as an object of seduction. Men themselves have created this phenomenon: to see a woman only in her underwear is infinitely more sensual and sexual than seeing a woman entirely naked. One could associate lingerie with high heels for the latter effect, the way in which a woman walks, making her more seductive, charming and provocative.

Every woman should feel good in her body, accept who she is and have a desire to emphasize her beauty by wearing gorgeous underwear. Lingerie should respond to all these aspirations and suit every kind of woman.

We offer you two kinds of garments. On the one hand, we have the underwear that you desires to show (corsets, suspenders, stockings and much more), and on the other hand the kind of underwear that you wear uniquely for yourself. This latter category is pleasant for the eye, but also extremely comfortable. With tights which are charming and delicious, so that one could wear them every day and be able, despite everything else, to remain an exquisite seductive power.

Lingerie is all about being oneself and about one’s attitude and we love to describe ourself with three terms: refinement, seduction and comfort.


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